Aldi Haul: My Best Finds This Week

I’ve already waxed poetic about Aldi (read: Ode to Aldi). So I won’t go on and on about how much I love the discount grocery chain.

But I couldn’t help but share these especially good deals (and a few new finds) from this week’s shopping trip:

16-ounce bag of frozen fruit for morning smoothies
Aldi Price: $1.99
Price at my local grocery store (store brand): $3.99

Dark chocolate
Aldi Price: $1.99 for 7.5 ounces (27 cents an ounce)
Price at my local grocery store (Hershey’s Bliss): $4.99 for 9.6 ounces (52 cents an ounce)

Whole pineapple
Aldi Price: $1.99 as one of their weekly “Produce Picks”
Price at my local grocery store: $3.99

8-ounce bag of dates, perfect for making bars & cookie balls (read: Simple No-Bake Cookie Balls)
Aldi Price: $1.99
Price at my local grocery store: $3.99

Box of Artisan lettuce
Aldi Price: On sale for 99 cents.
Price at my local grocery store: $4.99

13.25 ounce box of 100% whole wheat spaghetti
Aldi Price: 99 cents
Price at my local grocery store (store brand): They just lowered it to $1, so not much savings–but I’m still psyched to find 100% whole wheat pasta at Aldi!

For this week’s Aldi deals, check out their weekly ad here.

If you love Aldi too, what are your favorite finds?

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  1. Kara says

    I just got 3 large pumpkins at my Aldi last week for $2.29 each! Can’t beat that price! I also buy almond milk there & Greek yogurt.

  2. says

    I super duper LOVE Aldi too. I like their Moser Roth chocolate better than the Choceur though. They just started getting a line of organic products like canned tomatoes and apple juice. I am particularly taken with their Speculatias cookies, of which I can eat a whole package in just a few days, so I don’t buy them very often. I like their frozen berries, numerous flavored mustards, steel cut oats, and large bags of unsalted almonds! I will say some bummers have been their cocoa powder (off tasting), knock-off cheerios (tasted burnt and were hard and oddly shaped) and the pomegranates I got last week were not ripe at all.

    • says

      Jenna–those are good ideas for future purchases! I’ll have to check those out. I’ve had some Aldi disappointments too. Their dishwashing detergent left a white film on my dishes and my husband claims their cereal has a funny aftertaste.

  3. says

    Same store, different country, very different pricing! Aldi is still a bargain by Australian standards. Here in Australia but we get a single bar of dark Aldi chocolate for 2.99 and Frozen Berries for 4.99 per bag. Australians pay so much for all their goods – food and everything else. Thank goodness fruit and veg tend to be more reasonably priced.

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