Several years ago, I had a moment of clarity as I watched my son’s pee-wee soccer team gobble frosted cupcakes, cookies, and chips after a Saturday morning game:

Why are kids given so much junk food on the sidelines of sports?


The next season, I worked with my son’s coach to establish a fruit-and-water-only snack policy for the team, which was a hit with parents and players. But then I noticed junky snacks everywhere: at preschool, church, camp, after-school clubs. It seemed like kids couldn’t do anything without being served packaged cookies, gummy fruit snacks, and a juice pouch.

So I created Snacktivism.Snacktivism: An Interview with Sally Kuzemchak from Real Mom Nutrition

  • Snacktivism is a grassroots effort to stop this unhealthy eating pattern–for the sake of our kids’ health. We owe it to our children to equip them with healthy eating habits.
  • Snacktivism is about finding a better way. It’s about thinking twice before serving snacks, about considering whether kids actually need a snack. And if they do, it’s about finding a better choice. It’s about offering whole foods and about making fruits and vegetables the default.
  • Snacktivism is NOT about giving up cookies and cupcakes. Instead, it’s about putting them back in their place as special occasion foods, not every day choices.


  • Volunteer to bring fruit, veggie trays, and other healthy food to events
  • Talk to teachers and principals about the kinds of snacks served in the classroom
  • Ask coaches if they can institute a healthier team snack policy—or eliminate snacks entirely
  • Mobilize parents at school, church, and sports teams



Sports Snacktivism Handbook: Sample emails to coaches and parents, FAQ, and snack lists to mobilize your child’s team

Myths about Fruit Snacks by Real Mom Nutrition

Sample Letter to Camp Directors: A letter to camp directors you can cut, paste, customize, and use to voice your concerns.

Soccer Mom on a Mission: A slideshow of snack photos from the sidelines, plus statistics and a call to action–all set to music.

20 Fruit & Veggie Team Snacks

20 Healthy Team Snacks For Kids: A printable with ideas for fresh fruits and veggies to bring to the sidelines.

Bloggers: Are you a Snacktivist?

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