10 Surprising Ways To Use Your Slow Cooker

Surprising Ways to Use Your Slow Cooker -- Real Mom Nutrition

Slow cookers tend to see a lot of action in colder temperatures for soups and stews and get shelved in the summertime. But summer is actually a perfect time to use the slow cooker. After all, who wants their oven blazing when it’s 85 degrees outside? And there’s a whole lot more your slow cooker can do than churn out hearty,…

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Pizza Bread

Pizza Bread -- Real Mom Nutrition

Last week I made mashed cauliflower for the first time. And then avocado pudding. To be honest, neither went over particularly well. Sometimes new things are a hit, sometimes they’re a miss. And sometimes you need an old thing. A really old thing from your own childhood that you know your kids will gobble up and make…

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What An Order Of Greasy Onion Rings Taught Me About Feeding Kids

What Greasy Onion Rings Taught Me About Feeding Kids -- Real Mom Nutrition

I got a wake-up call about feeding kids last weekend–in (of all places) a gas station food-mart. I was traveling with my husband and kids, returning from a weekend visiting relatives. We stopped to fill up the minivan with gas and went inside the food-mart to order sandwiches for dinner (not ideal, but it works). My first grader asked…

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Wish Your Family Ate More Veggies? Try These 7 Moves.

Green Smoothie

Vegetables can be a tough sell for some kids (and some adults). If you’re looking for ways to get more veggies into your family’s diet, here are seven moves that work for us! 1. Create an appetizer platter.  I’ve written about my no-snacks-except-veggies-in-the-hour-before-dinner-house-rule before (read My Pre-Dinner Snack Strategy). It’s worked wonders around here. It takes the…

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Avocado Toast Obsession (Plus 7 More Ways To Eat Avocados)

Avocado Toast Obsession -- Real Mom Nutrition

I’m a chronically early person. If I’m meeting you for lunch at noon, I’m there at 11:45 looking at the menu. Invite me to your shindig and I’ll arrive unfashionably early (on the upside, I’ll also help with last minute prep!). But when it comes to food, I’m often late to the party. Like avocado toast. It was all…

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