Know Your Number & Eat Out Smarter (Plus Big Changes For Menus!)

Thumbs WAY Up For Calories On Menus. Here's Why.

I don’t count calories. Though I know calorie-tracking apps are hugely helpful for some people, I tend to veer down an unhealthy path of food fixation when I use them. But I know my number: 1,600. That’s roughly the number of calories I need daily to maintain my weight. Because I’m a woman, just over five feet…

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Snack Girl To The Rescue! (Plus How To Make Brown Rice In Your Oven)


Are you a fan of the popular blog Snack Girl? You should be. Author Lisa Cain dishes up recipes and strategies for healthy eating in a way that’s smart, funny, and best of all, totally nonjudgmental. You’re not getting Wisdom From On High, from someone who naturally prefers kale over cookies (and can’t believe everyone…

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The Trap of Clean Eating Treats


I’m a little bit worried about the words “healthy” and “clean”. Because I’m seeing them everywhere on social media in relation to dessert: There are recipes for Healthy Peppermint Patties. Clean Cookie Dough Blizzards. Healthy Clean-Eating Double-Chocolate Brownies with Marshmallow and Bacon Hot Fudge Sauce. Okay, I made up that last one. You get the idea….

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Too Much Of A Good Thing: Why Calories Still Count.

The Trap of "Clean-Eating" Treats by Real Mom Nutrition

When the FDA recently proposed changes to the food label–including calorie count in a larger, bolder font–there were people who said that if you’re eating a diet of mostly whole foods, you don’t even need to think (much less worry) about calories at all. That calories don’t really matter. Oh, they matter alright. I’ve learned that…

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