Very Berry Naturally Pink Frosting

How to make naturally pink frosting

Wouldn’t it be nice to celebrate Valentine’s Day without Red Dye #40? I’ve shared a recipe for naturally red frosting that gets its hue from beets (read Naturally Colored Frosting). I wanted to do a baby pink frosting for Valentine’s Day that’s colored and flavored with whole fruit. For naturally pink frosting, start with a half-pound of…

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Thumbprint Cookies (+ Silpat Baking Mat Giveaway!)

Thumbprint Cookies

My husband’s favorite Christmas cookies are Thumbprints. Specifically, the ones my mom makes when we visit over the holidays. So every December, I try to make him at least one batch to enjoy in the weeks leading up to Christmas–and I never, ever deviate from my mom’s recipe (scroll down to get it!). Though you can fill Thumbprints…

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No-Bake Chocolate Peppermint Bites

Chocolate Peppermint Bites

Do you have a love-hate relationship with frosted holiday sugar cookies like I do? They look so good. They taste SO GOOD. Problem is, they don’t feel so good. One buttercream-glazed cut-out snowman sends me into a headachy stupor. Though I’ll probably still have a sugar cookie or two this holiday season–because you know, maybe this time it…

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5 Daily Health Habits I’m Teaching My Kids

5 Daily Health Habits I'm Teaching My Kids

This month, I’m partnering with the National Milk Life Campaign’s Back-to-School program. I was compensated for writing this post, but all opinions are (as always!) my own. Nobody’s perfect. It’s a reality that I promote on this blog and something I show in plain view in my What We Ate Wednesday feature. Sometimes my dinner…

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What a Day’s Worth of Sugar For Kids Really Looks Like

What A Day's Worth of Added Sugar Really Looks Like For Kids -- Real Mom Nutrition

I don’t think sugar itself is toxic or poison. I don’t believe we need to completely banish it from our diets. But it’s a fact that most of us are getting too much added sugar, the kind put in by manufacturers (not the natural kind found in fruit and dairy). That’s especially true for kids. There’s no Daily…

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Double Chocolate Almond Granola

Double Chocolate Almond Granola -- Real Mom Nutrition

Disclosure: I was asked to participate in the #CrunchOn campaign as a member of the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network. I was compensated for my time and also received free samples for recipe testing from California Almonds. Homemade granola is a weekly fixture around here, ever since my husband discovered he much preferred a bowl of…

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