Why I’m Tired Of “Foods You Should Never Eat!” Lists

Why I've Had It With "Foods to Never Eat" Lists! by Real Mom Nutrition

I am so over seeing this headline: “Foods You Should Never Eat!” There’s a good reason I see it so much. It’s effective. It’s just sensational enough to draw you in, just scary enough to make you flip to the page or click through to the article with a single worry: Oh no, could I be eating one of those foods???? Yes, you…

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Ambushed by Big Soda on the Soccer Field

sunkist (1)

Something happened on the soccer fields last weekend that made cupcakes seem tame by comparison: A rep from 7 Up worked the crowd, offering free diet soda to parents and kids. When I found out about this through some friends–and confirmed it with a call to our rec center–I felt my blood pressure rise about…

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Are There Forbidden Foods in a Dietitian’s House?

Myths about Fruit Snacks by Real Mom Nutrition

Cloth or disposable, breast or bottle, attachment parenting or cry-it-out. When you become a mother, they’re some of the Big Choices you’re faced with right off the bat. But even when you’re past the baby stage—when your Diaper Champ can no longer contain the stinkiness and everyone is (kind of, sort of, almost) sleeping through…

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