20 Healthy Team Snacks for Kids

20 Healthy Team Snacks

Spring sports are in full swing. If your child’s team gathers after games for a snack, I’ve got 20 healthy ideas for you! Too many typical team snacks–like gummy fruit snacks, cookies, donuts, and chips–are full of sugar, sodium, and artificial stuff. But fruits (and veggies) are hydrating, sweet, simple, and full of good nutrition kids…

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8 Ways To Get Rid of Junk Food Sports Snacks

Get Rid of Junk food Team Snacks

Are you fed up with junk food sports snacks on the sidelines–but afraid to rock the boat? Not sure how other parents will react? That was me, five years ago, watching a steady stream of Oreos, frosted cupcakes, and Kool-Aid appear on the sidelines every Saturday morning after pee-wee soccer games. I was appalled–and afraid of speaking up. But I reached…

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Fun & Healthy Valentine’s Day Party Idea: Grape Sculptures!

Grape Sculptures

I’ve planned a lot of elementary school class parties, and my mantra is always: EASY EASY EASY. I don’t think kids need a lot of fanciness to have a good time. They’re just excited about having a PARTY in their CLASSROOM! Young kids are tickled pink with just about anything out of the ordinary at school, so why…

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The Trouble With Concession Stands In Youth Sports

The Trouble With Concession Stands In Youth Sports -- Real Mom Nutrition

If you have kids in baseball, softball, football, and other organized sports, you know about the concession stand. It may generate much-needed revenue for the sports league. It’s almost always stocked with junk food. As a parent, it’s hard to deny your player something from the concession stand, especially when the whole team gathers there after…

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How A “Snack Platter” Can Transform Snack Time For Kids

How A Snack Platter Can Teach Your Kids About Healthy Snacking

As a dietitian, I get a lot of questions: Is sugar poisonous? (No.) Should I go on one of those juice cleanses? (Probably not.) But most of all, I get this one: What kinds of snacks should I feed my kids? Snacks for kids is a hugely popular topic on the blogosphere. You’ll find loads of…

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What To Do About Junk Food Sports Snacks

What To Do About Junk Food On the Sidelines of Kids Sports -- Real Mom Nutrition

After all the cupcakes and cookies on the sidelines of pee wee soccer (read Soccer Mom Soapbox), I was relieved when my son started playing flag football and sports snacks were a non-issue. In four seasons, I didn’t see a single Capri Sun or Dorito. One coach brought goodies to the last game–but beyond that, it…

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