5 Healthy Apple Recipes

Chocolate Dipped Apple Slices -- Real Mom Nutrition

It’s apple season! Whether you have a freshly-picked batch of Honeycrisps from the orchard or a bag of Galas from the grocery store, here are five fun ways to serve them: 1. DIY Chocolate Dipped Apples Set up a tray with sliced apples, melted chocolate, and toppings and let kids build their own snack. Get the how-to…

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24 Healthy After School Snacks

24 Healthy After School Snacks -- Real Mom Nutrition

If your kids are anything like mine, they come home from school hungry. Really hungry. Lunch was hours ago, dinner is hours away, and they need something that will keep them satisfied and provide some solid nutrition. So I rounded up two dozen healthy after school snacks–both from my blog and from the blogs of some fabulous fellow dietitians–that…

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The Trouble With Concession Stands In Youth Sports

The Trouble With Concession Stands In Youth Sports -- Real Mom Nutrition

If you have kids in baseball, softball, football, and other organized sports, you know about the concession stand. It may generate much-needed revenue for the sports league. It’s almost always stocked with junk food. As a parent, it’s hard to deny your player something from the concession stand, especially when the whole team gathers there after…

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Double Chocolate Almond Granola

Double Chocolate Almond Granola -- Real Mom Nutrition

Disclosure: I was asked to participate in the #CrunchOn campaign as a member of the Healthy Aperture Blogger Network. I was compensated for my time and also received free samples for recipe testing from California Almonds. Homemade granola is a weekly fixture around here, ever since my husband discovered he much preferred a bowl of…

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How A “Snack Platter” Can Transform Snack Time For Kids

How A Snack Platter Can Teach Your Kids About Healthy Snacking

As a dietitian, I get a lot of questions: Is sugar poisonous? (No.) Should I go on one of those juice cleanses? (Probably not.) But most of all, I get this one: What kinds of snacks should I feed my kids? Snacks for kids is a hugely popular topic on the blogosphere. You’ll find loads of…

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