The 10 Most-Read Posts of 2015

Most-Read Posts of 2015

Here’s what people were reading, sharing, and liking the most here at Real Mom Nutrition this year: #1: The Truth About Fruit Snacks A long-time pet peeve of mine: the “heath halo” that gummy fruit snacks have somehow achieved. Sure, my kids like them too, but they’re more candy than “fruit” or “snack”. I didn’t think that…

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Sick Of Sugary School Breakfasts

School breakfast

Sugary school breakfasts have long been a pet peeve of mine (read: The Trouble With School Breakfast). It never made sense to me: If there are limits to things like sodium, saturated fat, and calories in school food, why are there no standards set for added sugar? Why is my child able to walk through the line and pick up…

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15 Food-Free Ideas For Classroom Rewards

15 Fun & Food-Free Ideas For Classroom Rewards -- Real Mom Nutrition

Last week, a mom wrote to me with a problem: At curriculum night, her son’s fifth grade teachers announced that students would be given soda as a weekly reward for good behavior. This mom was (understandably) upset. But she didn’t know what to do. She was worried about speaking up, worried about her son being pegged as “the boy with…

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