4 Myths About Milk

4 Myths about Milk

This month, I’m partnering with the National Milk Life Campaign’s Back-to-School program. I was compensated for writing this post, but all opinions are (as always!) my own. To me, milk is a no-brainer. It’s something I’ve always had in the fridge, drank, and served to my kids. We go through a few gallons a week,…

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How I Stopped Stressing Out About Grocery Shopping

Does grocery shopping stress you out? Real Mom Nutrition

I recently posted something about grocery shopping on my Real Mom Nutrition Facebook page, and a friend chimed in with this woe: “I dread juggling priorities at the grocery store: locally sourced, organic, responsible packaging — not to mention healthy. Shopping has become, I confess, a nightmare of neurosis for me!” I’m guessing some of you…

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How to Shop at ALDI + My 20 Favorite Things to Buy!

How to Shop at ALDI by Real Mom Nutrition

Several years ago, my friend Lisa was raving about ALDI. But I was skeptical and stubborn. I had my routine and knew my neighborhood grocery store inside and out. Luckily she persisted. One day she took me to ALDI, showed me the ropes, and pointed out all her favorite items. Then I was hooked. Now I rave…

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Why I’m Tired Of “Foods You Should Never Eat!” Lists

Why I've Had It With "Foods to Never Eat" Lists! by Real Mom Nutrition

I am so over seeing this headline: “Foods You Should Never Eat!” There’s a good reason I see it so much. It’s effective. It’s just sensational enough to draw you in, just scary enough to make you flip to the page or click through to the article with a single worry: Oh no, could I be eating one of those foods???? Yes, you…

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My 10 Most Popular Posts of 2014


Thanks for making 2014 a great year at Real Mom Nutrition! In case you missed any of them (or are new to my blog), here are my 10 most-read blog posts of the year: 1. Naturally Colored Frosting Easy recipes for red and green frosting using natural dyes made from beets and spinach. 2. My 10 Favorite Kitchen Tricks Bread…

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