16 Game-Changing Tips For Feeding Kids

Tips for Feeding Kids

Feeding kids can be tricky business–and at times, very, very frustrating. To encourage my kids to taste new foods and eat their veggies, I try a lot of different things. Honestly, some fall totally flat. Some work for a while then fizzle out. Then there are the “a-ha” moments that change everything–and make life at the…

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How to Raise Adventurous Eaters

10 ways to raise adventurous eaters

I am regularly in awe of my friend and colleague Katie Morford, the mom behind Mom’s Kitchen Handbook. Because not only does she pull together the most beautiful and interesting recipes with ease, but her three kids also EAT those beautiful and interesting dishes without a fuss. In fact, sometimes her kids cook those recipes all by themselves! There is no “adult…

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Should You Make Your Kids Take “Just One Bite”?

Why I Don't Make My Kids Take "Just One Bite"

My husband has a story from his childhood about eating a bite of lima beans.  Or rather, not being allowed to leave the table until he had taken a bite of lima beans, and stubbornly sitting there long after dinner was over. When his mom left the table to clean up and he tried to sneak that dreaded spoonful of…

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My Goals for 2016 in Food, Fitness & Health

My Goals For the Year in Food, Fitness & Health

I don’t usually make traditional New Year’s Resolutions. Last year I chose one word to guide me through the year (read: My Word For The Year). Another year, I chose “themes” for the way I wanted to feed my kids in the new year (read: Feeding My Kids: What I’ll Be Doing Differently). This year, I decided…

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How a “Dinner Formula” Changes Meal Planning Forever


I officially found my goal for the new year: Get a whole lot smarter about meal planning. I was totally inspired by the new book What to Cook for Dinner with Kids: How to Simplify, Strategize and Stop Agonizing Over Family Dinners by fellow dietitian blogger Maryann Jacobsen of Raise Healthy Eaters. I’ve been meal planning for…

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Is Your Child As Picky As You Think?

Common causes of picky eating

I use the term “picky eater” on my blog as shorthand for behavior most of us are pretty familiar with: refusing new foods, preferring familiar foods, and generally being a pain in the neck at the dinner table. But though my kids have certainly displayed all of those behaviors, I’ve never actually called them picky. It’s a label that’s…

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