The Rules We Eat By: 7 Healthy Habits For Our Family

The Rules We Eat By -- Real Mom Nutrition

As you know, I don’t take a hardline approach when it comes to food. I leave wiggle room for birthday party punch and the occasional bowl of boxed macaroni and cheese. I know that the best-laid plans for a healthy meal can go south thanks to evening school events, last minute invitations to have pizza with friends, or garden variety end-of-day exhaustion….

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5 Tips for Easing Mealtime Stress

Tools for the Toddler Years

Whenever a new mom tells me what a great eater her one year old is, I smile politely and say something encouraging like, “Gee, that’s great!” But I’m actually thinking, “You don’t even know what’s coming!” Feeding toddlers can be challenging–after all, their growth has slowed (which can lower appetite) and they’re testing out their newfound independence….

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Cooking With Kids: A Free E-Cookbook To Celebrate Food Revolution Day!

Food Revolution Day E-Cookbook

Today is Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day, a global day of action to “get cooking, share your love of food and inspire others to get excited too”. Since this year’s theme is “Let’s Get Kids Excited About Food,” Brianne DeRosa of the blog Red, Round, or Green pulled together a great group of moms to…

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Want Successful Eaters? Combat the Craziness!


Are my kids perfect eaters? No way! Neither am I. (Anyway, there’s no such thing–read: “The Myth of Perfect Eating“). But I do hope my kids don’t follow in my finicky eater footsteps and instead, become what psychologist Dr. Kathleen Cuneo calls “successful eaters”. Successful eaters don’t have to happily gobble up everything you put in front…

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The Kind Of Eater I Want My Kids To Be

The Kind of Eater I Want My Kids to Be by Real Mom Nutrition

I don’t label my kids “good eaters”, just as I’ve never called them “bad eaters”–even when they’ve made me c-r-a-z-y (read “Dinner Drama“). Instead, I want to be able to call them “successful eaters”. I heard the term “successful eater” from psychologist and parent coach Kathleen Cuneo, PhD, who describes a successful eater as someone who, among…

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