Dinnertime Survival Guide

I was over the moon when Cooking Light asked me to write a cookbook for busy parents. I’m pretty darn proud of the finished product, Dinnertime Survival Guidewhich officially launched this week. I set out to write a cookbook I’d want to read myself–one that was easy to scan, that had a line-up of recipes that sounded yummy to all of us, and that took into account the stress, time-crunch, and chaos that can be family dinner. A photo with every recipe was a must too.

Dinnertime Survival Guide

I spent many months cooking and trying out the recipes for my family. My boys rated each one with a thumbs-up, thumbs-down, or thumbs-in-the-middle.

We all had our favorites. I loved Salmon Cakes with Lemony Garlic Sauce. My husband still swoons over the Maple-Mustard Glazed Chicken every time I make it. Henry was a huge fan of the Easy Garlic Fries, crispy baked fries tossed in a garlicky butter sauce. And Sam, the toughest customer at my table, now happily eats fish thanks to the T-Riffic Tilapia Tacos. For more details on what’s inside, read “A Peek Inside My New Cookbook!

Dinnertime Survival Guide

As soon as the books were delivered to my doorstep, one immediately became my kitchen copy. It’s already got the requisite drips and spills on its pages, like any well-loved cookbook should have. Now I want to share it with YOU.

I’m giving away two copies of Dinnertime Survival GuideTo enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me your biggest challenge when it comes to getting dinner on the table every night.

2. For one additional entry, share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media and leave me a comment telling me that you did.

The giveaway ends Wednesday April 30th at noon Eastern Time. (Open to residents of U.S. and Canada only please.) 

To purchase a copy of Dinnertime Survival Guide, go here.


Stock Your Freezer in a Snap

Ever feel a 5pm wave of angst when you realize you have no idea what’s for dinner?

I do. It’s a lousy feeling.

Batch cooking and freezing is one of the best ways to replace that wave of angst with a wave of relief. Having a set of freezer-friendly recipes and expert instructions helps an awful lot.

Eila Johnson, blogger at The Full Plate Blog, created her “Stock Your Freezer in a Snap” coaching program after her years as a personal chef. She specialized in making meals that her clients could pull out of the freezer when that dreaded 5pm feeling came over them.

As a mom of two kids, Eila now cooks for her own family the same way: She spends a few hours here and there batch cooking and tucking meals away in the freezer. Then she takes days off of cooking at a time–creating what she calls the magical “Bonus Hour”. That’s the hour when dinner goes straight from the freezer to the oven or stovetop and she can get in a workout, check her email, play a board game with her kids, or just sit down after a long day and have a glass of wine.

The program, which comes as a downloadable e-book, includes 12 of Eila’s recipes. For each one, she includes photos, tips and kitchen shortcuts, weekly shopping lists, recommendations for packaging, and thawing and reheating instructions.

Stock Your Freezer in a Snap

Here are the recipes the program includes:

  • Baked Zucchini-Carrot Fritters (veg)
  • Cheesy Baked Taquitos (veg or chicken)
  • Creamy Pot Pies (chicken or root veggie)
  • Easy Comforting Lasagna (beef, sausage, turkey, or veg)
  • Simple Layered Butternut Squash-Black Bean Enchilada Casserole (veg or add meat of choice)
  • Mediterranean Beef Stew (a flavorful take on traditional beef stew)
  • Go-To Chili {That Always Gets Rave Reviews} (beef, turkey or veg)
  • Oven-Baked Meatballs (beef or turkey)
  • Power Green Pesto (veg)
  • Everyone’s Favorite Sloppy Joe’s (a modern take made with beef, turkey or veg)
  • Super Fast Mexican Posole Stew (chicken or veg)
  • Tahini-Flax Crusted Chicken Parmesan (chicken or eggplant)

Eila sent me a copy of the program to try, and I spent a few Sundays cooking with my husband. I loved how flexible the recipes were (I could tailor them to my family’s preference) and I loved having options for thawing the meals or putting them straight from the freezer to the oven/stovetop. I loved finding new family favorites (the pot pie was hands-down the winner and it’s become tradition to adorn it with our initials in puff pastry, see photo below). But most of all, I love that 5pm feeling of relief when I remember those freezer meals tucked away–and know that all I have to do is make a quick side or salad and then figure out how to spend my Bonus Hour.

I’m hosting a giveaway of Eila’s “Stock Your Freezer in a Snap” e-book for one reader. To enter, leave a comment telling me how you would spend a Bonus Hour. For one additional entry, “like” The Full Plate on Facebook then leave me a comment telling me that you did. Giveaway ends Friday April 18th at noon Eastern Time. 

This month only, Eila is also offering the program at 50% off ($24.99). Read more about the program here and go here to purchase. 

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Eila’s program to try for free. All opinions are my own.

Stock Your Freezer in a Snap


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