Homemade Wild Blueberry Fruit Leather

Wild Blueberry Fruit Leather

I’m very happy to be working with Wild Blueberries, who sponsored today’s post. I sort of have a thing about making homemade fruit leathers. I can’t bring myself to buy the boxed kind, with synthetic dyes, preservatives, and even hydrogenated oils. Once I figured out how simple it was to make them myself, I was hooked….

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Fun & Healthy Valentine’s Day Party Idea: Grape Sculptures!

Grape Sculptures

I’ve planned a lot of elementary school class parties, and my mantra is always: EASY EASY EASY. I don’t think kids need a lot of fanciness to have a good time. They’re just excited about having a PARTY in their CLASSROOM! Young kids are tickled pink with just about anything out of the ordinary at school, so why…

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How To Pack Kiwi & Mandarins in Lunch Boxes (Plus a Giveaway!)

How To Pack Clementines & Kiwi in Lunch Boxes

Thank you to Cuties© and Mighties™ for sponsoring this post!  Fresh fruit is a daily fixture in my kids’ lunch boxes–but it’s gotta be easy to eat. Lunch periods are short (and kids are chatty) so if food isn’t fast, it’s bound to come home. Last week I shared my trick for packing a sliced apple (read: A Clever Way To Pack…

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A Clever Way To Pack Apples in Lunch Boxes

how to pack apples in lunch boxes

Packing fruit in lunch boxes is a breeze in the spring and summer, when all kinds of fruits–from blueberries to watermelon–are in season, widely available, and at their absolute peak. Come fall, pickings get a little slim, but apples are plentiful. Trouble is, my boys don’t like to have whole apples in their lunch (my second grader’s…

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