Why Students Need “Brain Breaks” & How You Can Help

Why Kids Need "Brain Breaks" by Real Mom Nutrition

Kids sit an awful lot in school these days. With some schools in the country limiting recess, reducing or even cutting PE classes, and placing a bigger focus on test scores (and test prep), children spend serious time being sedentary. Why Movement Matters Being seated for long periods of time has some major drawbacks for kids. Not only does it make…

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Know Your Number & Eat Out Smarter (Plus Big Changes For Menus!)

Thumbs WAY Up For Calories On Menus. Here's Why.

I don’t count calories. Though I know calorie-tracking apps are hugely helpful for some people, I tend to veer down an unhealthy path of food fixation when I use them. But I know my number: 1,600. That’s roughly the number of calories I need daily to maintain my weight. Because I’m a woman, just over five feet…

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Want To Improve Camp Food? Now Is The Time To Act!

Change Camp Food!

You may be in back-to-school mode, but if you were unhappy with the snacks or meals your child received at summer camp this year, now is the time to speak up. Why now? Because camps are sending out end-of-summer evaluations and surveys–and there’s plenty of time to look at parent feedback and make improvements for next summer. This summer,…

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Ambushed by Big Soda on the Soccer Field

sunkist (1)

Something happened on the soccer fields last weekend that made cupcakes seem tame by comparison: A rep from 7 Up worked the crowd, offering free diet soda to parents and kids. When I found out about this through some friends–and confirmed it with a call to our rec center–I felt my blood pressure rise about…

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Why Are We Afraid Of Telling Parents What To Do?


Lately I’ve gotten a lot of success stories from parents who have joined the ranks of “That Mom”. They’ve spoken up and changed the snack culture in their child’s class or sports team (read “Change the Snack Culture: 3 Steps to Take Now” and  “Be Bold. Take Action. Make Change.“). But occasionally, I hear from…

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Change The Snack Culture: 3 Steps to Take Now


Two years ago, I had a “light bulb moment” about snacking when I saw a mom and her child on the playground one day (read: “Snacking Insanity“). Since that moment, I’ve become much more aware of the snacks my kids are getting–and what I see isn’t good. It’s a problem, and not just in my…

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