A Food Allergy Mom’s Call For Empathy

A Food Allergy Mom's Call For Empathy -- Real Mom Nutrition

My children don't have food allergies but several of their friends do--and from those children and their parents, I have learned a lot about the day-to-day concerns (and fears) that food allergies involve. I reached out to some of those parents for a recent blog post I did for Parents magazine, "What Parents of Kids With Food Allergies Want You To Know" and one of them wrote so passionately about the topic in an email to me that I asked if she would guest post here. By Erin McIntyre My ...

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What a Day’s Worth of Sugar For Kids Really Looks Like

What A Day's Worth of Added Sugar Really Looks Like For Kids -- Real Mom Nutrition

I don’t think sugar itself is toxic or poison. I don’t believe we need to completely banish it from our diets. But it’s a fact that most of us are getting too much added sugar, the kind put in by manufacturers (not the natural kind found in fruit and dairy). That’s especially true for kids. There’s no Daily…

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10 Surprising Ways To Use Your Slow Cooker

Surprising Ways to Use Your Slow Cooker -- Real Mom Nutrition

Slow cookers tend to see a lot of action in colder temperatures for soups and stews and get shelved in the summertime. But summer is actually a perfect time to use the slow cooker. After all, who wants their oven blazing when it’s 85 degrees outside? And there’s a whole lot more your slow cooker can do than churn out hearty,…

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The Trouble With Concession Stands In Youth Sports

The Trouble With Concession Stands In Youth Sports -- Real Mom Nutrition

If you have kids in baseball, softball, football, and other organized sports, you know about the concession stand. It may generate much-needed revenue for the sports league. It’s almost always stocked with junk food. As a parent, it’s hard to deny your player something from the concession stand, especially when the whole team gathers there after…

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4 Homemade Vinaigrette Dressings

4 Homemade Vinaigrette Dressings -- Real Mom Nutrition

I grew up on Good Seasons Italian salad dressing packets that my mom mixed with oil and vinegar. Years later, vinaigrettes are still my favorite way to dress a salad. Though I’ve tried lots of bottled kinds over the years, there’s no doubt that homemade vinaigrettes truly do taste best–and a batch takes just a minute or two…

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5 Common Problems at the Root of Extreme Picky Eating

What's At The Root Of Your Child's Picky Eating? -- Real Mom Nutrition

Picky eating is very common among kids–but sometimes it’s more than just garden-variety pickiness. In their new book, Helping Your Child With Extreme Picky Eating, authors Katja Rowell MD and Jenny McGlothlin SLP define “extreme” picky eating (EPE) as not eating enough quantity or variety to support healthy emotional, physical, or social development, or eating patterns…

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The Reality of Cooking With Kids

The Realities of Cooking With Kids -- Real Mom Nutrition

When people find out I’m a dietitian and write a blog about feeding kids, it’s only a matter of time before they ask: “Do your kids cook with you?” I cringe a little bit every time the question is asked. Because the answer isn’t a rosy, filtered Instagram moment. The answer is no, not really. The truth is…

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My 2015 Summer Food Bucket List

My 2015 Summer Bucket List -- Real Mom Nutrition

This summer I want to… 1. Make lots of homemade ice pops with these Zoku molds. (I’m embarrassed to say that I own about six different kinds of ice pop molds but these are my favorites!) 2. Learn to cook a better steak. Take it off the grill sooner. Let it rest before serving. Convince husband that he…

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