Clean Eating Is A Privilege, Not Just A Choice.

Clean Eating Is A Privilege, Not Just A Choice

Talking about money makes people uncomfortable, but I'm going to do it anyway. Because money doesn't get talked about nearly enough when we talk about healthy eating. I wrote a post for Parents magazine last week called Healthy Eating IS More Expensive. Now What? In it, I mention a 2013 study done at Harvard School of Public Health that found that eating a healthy diet full of fruits, vegetables, fish, and nuts cost about $1.50 more per day per person than eating an unhealthy diet (rich ...

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Why Your Toddler Won’t Eat Dinner

Why Your Toddler Won't Eat Dinner

There’s a lot to love about toddlers, like knee dimples and sloppy kisses. There are also things that make you crazy, and refusing to eat dinner ranks at the top of that list for many parents. In this guest post, pediatric dietitian Natalia Stasenko of Tribeca Nutrition, breaks down the top five reasons your toddler won’t eat…

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How To Start A Freezer Meal Co-Op

How to Start a Freezer Meal Co-Op -- Real Mom Nutrition

A few months ago, I joined a freezer meal co-op with some moms in my neighborhood. Each member makes two dinner recipes for each person in the group, we get together and swap meals, and everyone goes home with a stockpile of homemade dinners for their freezers. Three months in, and WOW! It’s made a huge difference in reducing my…

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Kraft Singles-Gate & Why I’m Proud To Be A Registered Dietitian

Kraft Singles-Gate & Why I'm Proud To Be An RD

This is a post about truth. And pasteurized prepared cheese product. Recently, you may have seen headlines like “Nutritionists Say Your Kid Should Chow Down on Day-Glo Processed Cheese” and heard rumors that dietitians are now endorsing Kraft Singles cheese. Or rather, Kraft Singles pasteurized prepared cheese product. But here’s the truth: The Academy of Nutrition…

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10 More Favorite Kitchen Tricks

Favorite Kitchen Tricks -- Real Mom Nutrition

I’m a huge fan of kitchen shortcuts and timesavers. A couple months ago, I posted My 10 Favorite Kitchen Tricks that included tips for DIY chocolate peanut butter, oven-baked bacon, and speedy bread dough rising. But I realized that I have a whole lot more to share. So here’s another batch: 1. Bake brown rice in the oven…

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Supplies & Ideas For Active Indoor Recess

Fun Ideas for Indoor Recess -- Real Mom Nutrition

This was a tough winter for kids. Weeks of frigid temperatures meant recess at school was frequently indoors–and spring will bring a lot of rainy days that nix playground time too. As we know, kids need to be active in order to learn (read Why Kids Need “Brain Breaks” & How You Can Help). So as…

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