8 Healthy Treats for Classroom Halloween Parties

Healthy Treats for Classroom Halloween PartiesI’m a purist when it comes to trick-or-treating: I pass out chocolate and let my kids have free reign over their stashes (read: “How I Handle Halloween Candy Craziness“). But I think it makes sense to dial it back for classroom Halloween parties. Most kids already haul in loads of sugar from trick or treating. At my children’s school, many of the teachers actually request healthier party foods.

I’ve planned or pitched in food for many classroom bashes, and here’s what I’ve learned: The kids are pretty happy with whatever you give them, and the food is usually secondary to the fun anyway. Which is why I’m unwilling to pull an all-nighter prepping food for grade schoolers.

These are all foods I’ve made for parties (or am making this year). They’re all fun, healthy–and most importantly, totally doable.

Green Goblin Smoothies: Healthy Treats for Classroom Halloween PartiesI made these Green Goblin Smoothies for my son’s preschool class at Halloween. I brought my Vitamix blender to the classroom, and the kids took turns pressing the buttons (free entertainment!). Try this easy recipe: 2 bananas, 2 cups water, 1 cup pineapple (fresh, frozen, or canned in juice), and 2 large handfuls spinach or kale. Use permanent marker to decorate plastic cups with silly faces.

Ghostly Grape Jack-o-Lantern: Healthy Treats for Classroom Halloween PartiesI got this idea from Grapes From California, which happen to still be in season. This makes a fun centerpiece, and kids can nibble the jack-o-lantern’s hair (or brains!).

Eyeballs on a Stick: Healthy Treats for Classroom Halloween PartiesYou can also thread grapes onto skewers and serve them fresh or frozen, branded as “Eyeballs on a Stick” for maximum Halloween creepiness.

Boo-nana Ghosts: Healthy Treats for Classroom Halloween PartiesYou’ve probably seen these guys online. Sometimes they’re dipped in yogurt and rolled in coconut. I take the easy way out: Cut a banana in half, press in two mini chocolate chips for eyes, and insert a lollipop stick (get those at Target, a craft store, or Amazon).

Kiwi Pops: Healthy Treats for Classroom Halloween PartiesUse those same sticks for these easy Kiwi Pops. Just peel kiwis, cut into thick slices, insert a popsicle stick in one end, and freeze. You’ll get about 3-4 pops per kiwi.

Popcorn Hands: Healthy Treats for Classroom Halloween PartiesI’ll admit: These Popcorn Hands are slightly more labor intensive, but I couldn’t resist because they combine two of my favorites, popcorn and candy corn. Be sure to use foodservice-grade gloves (find them at a restaurant supply store or on Amazon). Drop a piece of candy corn into the tip of each finger, then fill with popcorn, and close with a twist-tie. (Get my no-fail recipe for stovetop popcorn.)

Apple Spirals: Healthy Treats for Classroom Halloween PartiesI nabbed this idea from a classmate’s mom, who brought her old-fashioned apple peelerand a bag of apples to a classroom party years ago. Each child took a turn peeling an apple. I thought that was brilliant! Since then, I’ve done this for a few parties, and I love seeing how much the kids enjoy eating their spirals (and peels).

Clementine Pumpkins: Healthy Treats for Classroom Halloween PartiesWhat’s not to love about easy-to-peel clementine cuties? You can draw the faces on the outside with a Sharpie or let kids decorate their own.

For more ideas, visit my “Healthy Halloween Snacks” Pinterest board.

Do you have any good ideas for healthy classroom party treats? I’d love to hear about them!

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  1. says

    These are awesome tips. Thanks for pulling them all together. Pinning NOW 🙂 I’m teaching a nutrition class to a bunch of 3 – 5 year olds tomorrow and plan on creating a vegetable skeleton w/ dip. Should be crazy!

  2. Susan Lubking Kling says

    Hi Sally!

    I’m a clinical dietitian, creatively challenged, so I googled “healthy Halloween treats” for my ten-year-old daughter’s class party. I was delighted by your jack o’ lantern clementines. Only later did I look more closely at your blog and realize who you are! I always enjoyed your writing at Penn State, and once even had the pleasure of meeting you (at Claire Lauber Hackett’s wedding). So thrilled to see your work here, it’s inspiring – I will share with all my RD friends and fellow moms!

    All the best,



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  3. […] This article from Real Mom Nutrition features a ton of really easy Halloween treats, like Eyeballs on a Stick, Green Goblin Smoothies, and more, all of which are already gluten-free or can easily be made gluten-free. (For the Popcorn Hands, make sure to get a brand of candy corn that you know to be gluten-free.) […]

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