Soccer Mom On A Mission…Watch It!

Two years ago, I tromped around the soccer fields in my community, snapping photos of the snacks I was seeing. I set the photos to music and turned them into a video slideshow called “Soccer Mom On A Mission”, with the hopes of raising awareness and mobilizing a new wave of Snacktivists to create change.

After a few computer glitches, the slideshow is back! It’s new and improved–and on YouTube.

Watch. Share. Get resources you can use, like sample coach and team emails, in my Sports Snacktivism Handbook.

Make change happen for your child’s team!

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  1. Jami says

    My daughter just had her first practice and I just had my first experience with standing up for healthy foods in a public setting. Thanks for the tips! Do you have any other encouragement for those stepping up and stepping out in order to bring healthy foods into play during the sports season?

    • says

      Jami, I always encourage people to approach the coach before the start of the season, so you can get on the same page and present the idea as a united front. That is much more effective and parents seem more receptive when it’s an idea/directive coming from the coach.

      Also, have you looked at my Sports Snacktivism Handbook? It has some sample emails for coaches, team parents, and a Q&A. I’m also happy to answer any questions or provide advice if you need it!

  2. BethG says

    We are huge fans of bringing fruit kebobs. Kids love them! What a great video – it is perfect for sharing! And it makes all the pertinent points. Thank you for making it.

  3. Andi says

    Luckily, our soccer league doesn’t do snacks. Everything they send out during the season says something along the lines of, “shin guards are required and bring water to drink.” No mention of snacks whatsoever. Sure, some people still bring food for their kids, but most show up with just a water bottle.

  4. Kimberly says

    Children should never be given snacks., Ever. How can we expect them to eat right when they are tempted by tasty foods? When I first restricted my children from all junk food (and that’s just about all food) they whined and fought it but eventually they got hungry enough to eat the good food. Now they eat kale and bean curd with a little water to drink without complaining too much. They are happy to get it. Plus they stopped teasing to play sports so there are no sideline snacks for me to worry about anymore. The kids say they are too tired to play sports but I know they really would rather just stay home with me and eat healthy.

    • says

      Thanks for your comment Kimberly. “Snack” doesn’t have to be synonymous with “junk food”. Kids can have fruit, vegetables, and other foods between meals and it doesn’t have to interfere with mealtime. That being said, some families (and entire cultures for that matter) don’t do snacks and their kids do fine so I think it’s individual. I agree that kids can certainly get used to drinking water instead of sugary drinks, for instance, if that’s what is offered. But I don’t think we can or should shield our kids from junk food. In my opinion, kids need to learn how to navigate this stuff because it’s everywhere out in the world.


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