My Summer Bucket List: The Food

This summer, I want to…

1. Make many, many batches of homemade ice cream in my turquoise Cuisinart ICE-21.

2. Learn how to dry or freeze the extra herbs from my garden instead of letting them go to waste.

3. Go blueberry picking with my kids. Eat so many berries I feel sick. Repeat.

4. Drink a cold beer with lemon on the beach.

5. Find multiple excuses to make these homemade Fudgesicles.

6.   Make homemade lemonade with my kids.

7. Pick peaches at the orchard and then (re)learn how to can them.

8. Buy Swiss chard at the farmer’s market and finally figure out how to cook it, maybe in a meal like this.

9. Keep chunks of watermelon in my freezer so I can have fresh watermelon juice whenever I want it.

10.  Eat outside more than inside, with people I love.

What’s on YOUR summer bucket list?

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  1. says

    Sally, I love these . . . you’re putting me in a *nice* summer frame of mind, instead of a grousing-it’s-infernally-hot-already-in-Houston-with-six-months-to-go frame of mind. 🙂 My bucket list: corn on the cob; possibly finally buying our very first grill and learning how to use it; farm stand tomatoes; and I’m joining you in that beer (wheat beer, please) with lemon!

  2. Elle | Nutritionella says

    Love this post idea!!! I just got an ice cream maker attachment for my turquoise KitchenAid mixer. Got any favorite recipes I should try?

    • says

      Elle–thanks! So far I’ve only used the recipes from the booklet the ice cream making came with, and have made the basics (strawberry with fresh strawberries, vanilla, chocolate, and a peanut butter). I’m tempted to try some of the recipes in the Jeni’s cookbook though!

  3. says

    Hi Sally! Glad I found your blog – good stuff! I think we’re close to one another (Columbus, right?). Would you mind sharing where you go blueberry picking?


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