Foods That Scare Me

Snacks that claim to solve the dire problem of junk food packages being difficult to hold & pour

Chicken shaped like bugs

A slushee made into a candy that you spray out of a bottle into your mouth

Frozen dinners for two year olds

Foods That Scare Me -- Real Mom Nutrition

Chocolate cereal filled with…chocolate

(that also glorifies bad spelling)

What foods scare you?

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  1. Michelle says

    Good List! Thanks for including the Graduates. I’m wary of the whole baby food industry. Why do we need to stick a banana in a jar? I’ve always just thought it was a good way to teach kids to accept packaged food from the start….

    • says

      Michelle–Actually, the jarred baby food doesn’t bother me as much–I did the jarred organic, single-ingredient foods because I was working and going to school and burning the candle at both ends. The farthest I got was to buy a book on making baby food…then I realized I was kidding myself! But the Graduates take it to a whole new level by adding fillers, colors, flavoring, refined flour, sugar, uggghhhh.

  2. says

    You pretty much hit my high points with this list! A long time ago, I did a blog feature where I re-invented most of the Kidz Kuisine meals with homemade foods, because their mere existence bothers me so much. 🙂 The other thing that totally drives me crazy? When both of my sons were in the “toddler” rooms at daycare, we were among only a very small minority of families NOT sending those Gerber Graduates frozen meals for our kids’ lunches every day. Even as they’ve gotten older, it hasn’t gotten much better, because parents have “graduated” from the Gerber ones to Chef Boyardee or microwavable Easy Mac instead. Usually they pair the “meals” with either a snack pack of some kind of cookie/cracker, or a Pop-Tart. Yep. That’s lunch.

    • says

      Bri–Ugh, that’s very sad. The food industry has so many parents convinced that it’s easier for everyone to eat from packages. Great idea reinventing the Kidz Kuisine meals–I’ll have to look up that post of yours. Thanks!

  3. says

    oh dear…i think the last one (Krave) really gets me. did mention that I used to work for a really BIG food company back in the day, and that the straw that broke the camel’s back was when I’m sitting in a focus group and a mother says, “I give my child Fruity Pebbles because I feel good about giving my child fruit in the mornings”. it was that very day that I decided it was high time I use my cooking and marketing skills for good…

    • says

      Eila–that’s an amazing quote! How sad that marketers have convinced people of such ridiculous notions (it’s amazing how many of those kinds of cereals have stunning photos of real, actual fruit on the box, so no wonder). What an interesting background you have–and I’m sure it gives you an even sharper eye for this sort of thing. Thanks for the comment!

  4. Michelle says

    Sally, I totally agree that the jarred baby food has nothing nutritionally wrong with it, I’m just afraid of the mindset it instills in some parents. I’ve actually heard people say “I don’t know what to feed my baby so I just use the jars” and they rely entirely on Gerber to impart nutrition on their infants. That mindset of total trust leads to them serving up “graduates” and “baby puffs” and all the other bizarre processed foods that the industry slings on our toddlers down the road because they’ve already handed the keys over…..

    • says

      Oh, I hear you Michelle. And if I had a baby today, I would definitely find time to make baby food. I was just so overwhelmed at that point–and also, not as focused on whole foods as I am today. I totally agree that we can’t surrender the feeding of our babies and kids to the food companies, which are ultimately focused on their own bottom lines. I just wish jarred food didn’t get quite the bad rap that it still does. I think people still think of jarred baby food as it used to be–when they put added sugar and fillers in. Today, so much of it is one ingredient (or fruit/veg combos) with no added anything. Store brands offer organic options, too, making that an affordable option. The only bad holdover I saw when my kids were babies are the baby “desserts” that are fruit with added sugar. Wha?!?


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