Clearly A Man Made This Poster

by Sally on January 7, 2012

Let me make sure I get this straight: Because Michelle Obama isn’t a size zero like the ladies on the left, she doesn’t have the right to help kids and families with her Let’s Move campaign?

I’ve heard variations of this joke before–from politicians and pundits on cable news shows who probably all have killer washboard abs under those double-breasted suits.

Because really, look at Michelle Obama. She’s at a very healthy weight–but she’ll never look like a Photoshopped Maxim covergirl. So where does she get off talking about nutrition?

Only a tiny fraction of women are genetically programmed to look like the ones on the left. But still. All those other women, who toil and struggle and eat practically nothing to achieve that same shape–they are the ones who should be telling our kids about healthy eating.

I’ve got to hand it to the haters. It must be really tough to think of reasons why kids shouldn’t exercise and eat more fruits and vegetables–and why our government shouldn’t help them do it. But they’ve come up with a whole bunch of them (I find the argument that kids are going to get hit by cars if they start walking particularly inspired).

Forget about inviting kids to plant an organic garden at the White House or convincing Walmart to lower the price of fruits and vegetables. The only way we’re going to keep the focus off of actually helping a generation of kids who are fatter and less active than any in history is by allowing politics and personal hang-ups to defy logic. And by maintaining a steady stream of misogynistic and racist distractions like this one.

His mom must be so proud.


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