Quinoa Cookies. Really.

Quinoa Cookies

I’ve already said my piece about healthwashing cookies. I think cookies should be cookies, no matter how “healthy” they may be. That being said, I’ve wanted to make these Peanut Butter Chocolate Quinoa Cookies ever since I saw them on Kids Eat Right. Grain-of-the-moment quinoa in cookies? For real? Turns out, these are rather delicious. Will…

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Project 40: A Good Thing

Next Sunday, October 23rd, I’m taking a trip far outside my comfort zone and running in a race. It’s only a 5K, which I know is a warm-up to my badass marathoner friends. But it’s a big deal for me. I thought I’d never have the desire (or endurance) to run again after I gave…

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All I Really Need To Know I Learned From This Half-Eaten Piece of Peanut Butter Toast

Look familiar? Does your child leave behind these little bits of meals and snacks: PBJ remnants, tiny piles of pasta, half-nibbled apples? If he does, he’s doing his job right. And if we say “There are only two bites left, can’t you finish it?”, we’re not. At the dinner table growing up, I heard “Only eat…

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