The Easiest Summer Cookies Ever

Easiest Summer Cookie Ever -- Real Mom Nutrition

Let’s pause for a moment in the discussion of healthy sports snacks and eating seasonally and talk summer cookies. Because while kids shouldn’t be given packages of cookies just for standing around a baseball diamond for 45 minutes, kids should still eat cookies. Especially when they’re made by mom.

Around here, we call these Icebox Cookies because they’re kept in the refrigerator. My grandma used to pack them in my mom’s lunch–and though my mom loved them, she admits she was terribly embarrassed because everyone else had store-bought cookies. I come from a long line of mothers who don’t buy cookies.

This is not a complicated cookie. Get a box of graham crackers and you’re halfway there. Better yet, keep a box of graham crackers in the back of your pantry, so you can make some of these when you have leftovers from frosting a birthday cake or batch of cupcakes.

1. Make the chocolate frosting of your choice. Here’s one from Good Cheap Eats.

2. Spread it between graham crackers.

3. Refrigerate cookies for at least 4 hours.

And if you happen to consider graham crackers a “store-bought cookie” and want to make your own, Martha Stewart’s recipe is here.

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  1. Elisabeth Gibson says

    We always had these growing up too! The only difference is we had buttercream frosting in between. Yum!

  2. Ryan Little says

    We always had them too. With chocolate, or with butter cream. So simple, but so good. In a pinch, we’d use jelly instead of icing, but those were always a bit messier.

  3. cristy white says

    The family gene pool splits in all different directions, but obviously traditions pass along every line! 🙂

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