Noodles & Company Giveaway!

Noodles & Company Giveaway

One thing Sam will reliably eat, no trickery necessary: The macaroni and cheese at Noodles & Company. Lucky for us, Noodles (as it’s known around our house) is pretty much the only family restaurant that fits our current criteria of quick, inexpensive, and loud enough to cover any kid-related outbursts. There’s a lot I like about…

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Dinner Drama Part 4: Dinner Games (& Other Crazy Tricks That Actually Work!)

My mother-in-law has a game she plays with the grandkids when they won’t eat their dinner. “Don’t you eat that broccoli!” she’ll warn in a voice that somehow straddles stern and silly. “Don’t you eat it!” First, the kids giggle hilariously. Then they eat the broccoli. Frankly, I used to think it was all sort…

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