July 2010

Multiple Choice

by Sally on July 15, 2010

vitaminsSupplements make me nervous. Call me crazy, but pills that pack more milligrams than a person could reasonably eat in real food and are produced without a whole lot of government regulation send up a few red flags for me. Which is why I tell women to eat well and take a basic multivitamin, plus calcium if they don’t get much in their diet. And to shun any supplement with the word “mega” anywhere on the label. High doses of vitamins and minerals aren’t to be messed with.

Because I eat a good diet, I know that many of the nutrients in my multi—like vitamin C, since I eat my weight in fruit everyday—ultimately go to waste. But there’s something comforting about my bases being covered by just one chewable pink hippo (yes, I take a children’s vitamin and you can too). I’m especially grateful for the folic acid (since half of all pregnancies are unplanned) and vitamin D (since most people, including me, don’t get enough).

I also give my kids a multivitamin—Henry (6) gets a whole one, Sam (2) gets a half. But I’m often left wondering if that’s enough. My friend and fellow registered dietitian, Emia, gives parents some great pointers on her blog and makes the case for considering a couple more. You can read all about it here.

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