Are There Forbidden Foods in a Dietitian’s House?

Myths about Fruit Snacks by Real Mom Nutrition

Cloth or disposable, breast or bottle, attachment parenting or cry-it-out. When you become a mother, they’re some of the Big Choices you’re faced with right off the bat. But even when you’re past the baby stage—when your Diaper Champ can no longer contain the stinkiness and everyone is (kind of, sort of, almost) sleeping through…

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Mealtime With Little Kids: Before & After Plates


One of my favorite blogs is Self magazine’s Eat Like Me. Cristin Dillon-Jones, a registered dietitian and working mom, posts a photo of everything she eats: meals, snacks, lattes in the car, everything. I love it because she eats real portions of real food—and makes the super-nutritious diet she eats seem both delicious and doable. And…

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