Dinnertime Survival Guide

I was over the moon when Cooking Light asked me to write a cookbook for busy parents. I’m pretty darn proud of the finished product, Dinnertime Survival Guidewhich officially launched this week. I set out to write a cookbook I’d want to read myself–one that was easy to scan, that had a line-up of recipes that sounded yummy to all of us, and that took into account the stress, time-crunch, and chaos that can be family dinner. A photo with every recipe was a must too.

Dinnertime Survival Guide

I spent many months cooking and trying out the recipes for my family. My boys rated each one with a thumbs-up, thumbs-down, or thumbs-in-the-middle.

We all had our favorites. I loved Salmon Cakes with Lemony Garlic Sauce. My husband still swoons over the Maple-Mustard Glazed Chicken every time I make it. Henry was a huge fan of the Easy Garlic Fries, crispy baked fries tossed in a garlicky butter sauce. And Sam, the toughest customer at my table, now happily eats fish thanks to the T-Riffic Tilapia Tacos. For more details on what’s inside, read “A Peek Inside My New Cookbook!

Dinnertime Survival Guide

As soon as the books were delivered to my doorstep, one immediately became my kitchen copy. It’s already got the requisite drips and spills on its pages, like any well-loved cookbook should have. Now I want to share it with YOU.

I’m giving away two copies of Dinnertime Survival GuideTo enter:

1. Leave a comment telling me your biggest challenge when it comes to getting dinner on the table every night.

2. For one additional entry, share this giveaway on Facebook, Twitter, or other social media and leave me a comment telling me that you did.

The giveaway ends Wednesday April 30th at noon Eastern Time. (Open to residents of U.S. and Canada only please.) 

To purchase a copy of Dinnertime Survival Guide, go here.


I love old things. Our house is filled with pieces from my grandparents’ house and items my dad has found at flea markets. Our china cupboard houses my grandmother’s collection of Depression glass, which I treasure. One day recently, the dessert dishes caught my eye, and I was struck by how incredibly tiny they were. I was curious: How did these 1930-era dishes stack up against the ones my family uses for dessert 80 years later?

So I lined them up:


 Then I measured how much each dish held:


Thinking about these dishes in terms of ice cream is where it really gets shocking. Because if we were all eating regular, full-fat ice cream (the kind my grandma would’ve eaten) from our respective dishes, here’s what each of us would get:

  • My grandma: 266 calories
  • Me: 693 calories 
  • My husband: 1064 calories

Did I mention my grandma lived to be 99 years old?


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