Wish Your Family Ate More Veggies? Try These 7 Moves.

Green Smoothie

Vegetables can be a tough sell for some kids (and some adults). If you're looking for ways to get more veggies into your family's diet, here are seven moves that work for us! 1. Create an appetizer platter.  I've written about my no-snacks-except-veggies-in-the-hour-before-dinner-house-rule before (read My Pre-Dinner Snack Strategy). It's worked wonders around here. It takes the edge off of hunger (but they're still hungry for dinner). And if they skip their veggies at dinner, I don't ...

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Avocado Toast Obsession (Plus 7 More Ways To Eat Avocados)

Avocado Toast Obsession -- Real Mom Nutrition

I’m a chronically early person. If I’m meeting you for lunch at noon, I’m there at 11:45 looking at the menu. Invite me to your shindig and I’ll arrive unfashionably early (on the upside, I’ll also help with last minute prep!). But when it comes to food, I’m often late to the party. Like avocado toast. It was all…

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Peanut Butter Chocolate Oatmeal Cups

Peanut Butter Chocolate OatmealCups

Last week I posted a photo on my Real Mom Nutrition Facebook page of my old, stained muffin pan straight from the oven and this: “My mess of a muffin tin has seen a lot of action over the years. Could try to get it clean, I suppose. Nah.” Luckily, the consensus seemed to be that my muffin pan…

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How I Stopped Stressing Out About Grocery Shopping

Does grocery shopping stress you out? Real Mom Nutrition

I recently posted something about grocery shopping on my Real Mom Nutrition Facebook page, and a friend chimed in with this woe: “I dread juggling priorities at the grocery store: locally sourced, organic, responsible packaging — not to mention healthy. Shopping has become, I confess, a nightmare of neurosis for me!” I’m guessing some of you…

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The Rules We Eat By: 7 Healthy Habits For Our Family

The Rules We Eat By -- Real Mom Nutrition

As you know, I don’t take a hardline approach when it comes to food. I leave wiggle room for birthday party punch and the occasional bowl of boxed macaroni and cheese. I know that the best-laid plans for a healthy meal can go south thanks to evening school events, last minute invitations to have pizza with friends, or garden variety end-of-day exhaustion….

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A Big Makeover For My 6th Blogging Birthday!

A Big Makeover For My 6th Blogging Birthday! Real Mom Nutrition

I used to dream of Clinton Kelly and Stacy London crashing my closet for a “What Not To Wear” overhaul. The next best thing: A makeover for my blog! And just in time to celebrate a birthday. Six years ago this week, I started Real Mom Nutrition (read my very first post: Get Real). I’m so…

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