What We Ate Wednesday: Starring Me

What We Ate Wednesday Starring Me -- Real Mom Nutrition

Those of you who've been following this new feature, What We Ate Wednesday, may have noticed the radio silence last week. That's because I was sick for much of last week and wasn't up for snapping photos of the glasses of ginger ale I was drinking while laying on the couch. But after many naps and some good meds, we're back on schedule! BREAKFAST I am not a big breakfast person and usually just have some kind of smoothie mid-morning. Lately, I've been making this one: A cup of unsweetened ...

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5 Healthy Apple Recipes

Chocolate Dipped Apple Slices -- Real Mom Nutrition

It’s apple season! Whether you have a freshly-picked batch of Honeycrisps from the orchard or a bag of Galas from the grocery store, here are five fun ways to serve them: 1. DIY Chocolate Dipped Apples Set up a tray with sliced apples, melted chocolate, and toppings and let kids build their own snack. Get the how-to…

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24 Healthy After School Snacks

24 Healthy After School Snacks -- Real Mom Nutrition

If your kids are anything like mine, they come home from school hungry. Really hungry. Lunch was hours ago, dinner is hours away, and they need something that will keep them satisfied and provide some solid nutrition. So I rounded up two dozen healthy after school snacks–both from my blog and from the blogs of some fabulous fellow dietitians–that…

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PackIt Lunch Bag Giveaway

PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag

Cold packs. They’re important. But they frequently get lost in the depths of our freezer. And often it feels like one just isn’t enough. That’s why these PackIt lunch bags are so nifty. The bag itself acts like one big cold pack! It chills foods and drinks up to ten hours–then folds down into a neat little bundle…

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Help Your Kids Build A Healthy Breakfast (Free Printable!)

Help Your Kids Build a Healthy Breakfast with this Free Printable -- Real Mom Nutrition

The good news: As my kids get older and more independent, they’re starting to prep their own breakfasts in the morning. The bad news: Prepping their own breakfasts turns into eating fistfuls of dry cereal out of the box. So we’ve been talking about the elements of a well-rounded morning meal, namely including protein and more than one food…

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What We Ate Wednesday: Starring My 11 Year Old

What We Ate Wednesday -- Real Mom Nutrition

I’m not gonna lie: This wasn’t a banner day for my 11 year old. Too much sugar. Not enough veggies. I could go on. To be perfectly honest, part of me was tempted to scrap What We Ate Wednesday altogether and fake some kind of blog technical malfunction. But the whole point of WWAW is to…

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Make Today Matter: A Manifesto From Hands Free Mama

How To Make Today Matter -- Real Mom Nutrition

The school year just started, and I’m already putting up the white flag. I’ve got two kids at two schools with two start times and two end times. There are after-school clubs and evening events, soccer practices and music lessons. There’s homework to check, lunch boxes to pack, permission slips to sign, and lost worksheets to recover from…

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Wild Blueberry Pancakes

Wild Blueberry Pancakes -- Real Mom Nutrition

Last month, I traveled to Maine to learn about wild blueberries. I was a guest of The Wild Blueberry Association of North America, who covered my travel expenses and accommodations, but I was not compensated for writing this post. All opinions expressed are my own. True to their name, wild blueberries grow wild–and have for thousands of years….

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