Coaches are role models, and they set the tone for the season. They also play a critical role in getting junk food and sugary drinks off the sidelines of youth sports. When I’ve taken my Snacktivism mission to the coaches of my children’s teams, I’ve been grateful that they’ve all been on board (read: “THAT Mom: The Sequel“).

I was thrilled to learn that a new training module was created for soccer coaches, to help them encourage healthy habits for practices and games (and discourage sports drinks and post-game cupcakes!). Called Coaching Healthy Habits, the training is a partnership between US Youth Soccer, the largest youth sports organization in the country, and Healthy Kids Out of School, an initiative of ChildObesity180 at Tufts University Friedman School of Nutrition.

Coaching Healthy Habits is a simple 12-minute slideshow with three main messages:

  • Drink Right (hydrate with water instead of sugary beverages)
  • Snack Smart (snack on fruits and vegetables)
  • Move More (increase physical activity during practice)

Here’s a handout that summarizes their messages (click HERE to save or print if you’d like to pass it along to coaches or parents):

Free Resources for Soccer Coaches

For example, here’s the message about “Drinking Right”:

Myth: Players need the electrolytes in sports drinks to stay hydrated.

Fact: To stay hydrated, replenishing electrolytes isn’t necessary if players are eating a healthy diet and drinking water. Sticking to water also helps players avoid the added sugar in sports drinks.

Remind players to bring 1-2 full water bottles for trainings and matches. Consider a “water-only sideline” to encourage your team to drink water.

Let parents and players know that doctors recommend water, not sports drinks. Consider opportunities when you could share this message with your team.

Coaching Healthy Habits has already been tested in Massachusetts and will be required for all new licensed soccer coaches in the state, as well as in New Hampshire and Maine. But any coach or league can access the training!

If you’d like to view the training module or pass it along to your coach or local sports league director, go here to the Healthy Kids Hub (go to “Take a Training” → “Soccer Coaches” → “Get Started” ). You can also find it here through US Youth Soccer.

Healthy Kids Out of School has other resources for parents and coaches, including this fact sheet on why sports drinks aren’t necessary for most youth sports (click HERE to save or print if you’d like to pass it along to coaches or parents):

Time out on Sports drinksFor more resources, including sample emails to parents and coaches and a printable list of “20 Healthy Team Snacks For Kids“, get my free Sports Snacktivism Handbook.


Feeding Baby: Cookbook & Giveaway

by Sally on September 26, 2014

Blueberry Mousse from Feeding Baby CookbookI didn’t make my kids’ baby food. I feel like I should be attending some kind of support group with that confession. Back when I had my babies, I wasn’t making nearly as much homemade food as I am now. And frankly, figuring out how to juggle motherhood with my job and everything else in my life was about all I could handle. Beyond a few purees I made for my second son, I stuck to mostly organic jarred food.

The new book Feeding Baby by fellow dietitian Clancy Cash Harrison makes me want to go back and do it differently (preferably, with way more sleep). Her cookbook is full of recipes for everything from first purees to meals for toddlers and beyond. Even better, her recipes and approach are designed to help you not only feed your child nourishing food but also to teach them about the flavors of food.

Feeding Baby Cookbook

So her recipes include an wide variety of flavor combinations. For babies, there’s Pumpkin & Pear Puree made with pumpkin, pear, egg yolk, and nutmeg; Apples with Coconut made with apple, coconut oil, coconut milk, and cinnamon; and Buttered Wild Salmon made with butternut squash, salmon, rosemary, and lemon juice. For toddlers, there’s Arugula & Goat Cheese Muffins, Herbed Avocado Pasta Sauce, and Beef, Kale & Chickpea Curry.

First Avocado DipFeeding Baby is a lot more than a cookbook. it’s a handbook for teaching flavor preference, with tips on introducing new foods and “proactive coaching”–being positive about food and encouraging kids to try new things without pressure. And there are handy charts like this one you’ll refer to again and again (click here to get a PDF you can save and print):

100 Ways to Serve 10 Fruits & VegetablesThis book will help you expose your baby and toddler to an array of different foods, flavors, and sensory experiences, using a feeding approach that will serve them well throughout their childhoods.

You can enter to a win a free copy of Feeding Baby through this huge giveaway that also includes prizes like a Vitamix blender, Buttons cloth diapers, and Kiddo Feedo Baby Food Freezer Trays. Scroll to the bottom of the post to enter. The giveaway ends October 19th.

Feeding Baby Cookbook Release Party & Giveaway over $2000 in Prizes

Feeding Baby Release Party & National Giveaway

Hosted by

Fields of Flavor & Measuring Flower

2 Giveaways, $2000 in Prizes & 30 Winners

baby food cookbook

About Feeding Baby:

“Your baby deserves the best in life- food is no exception! Feeding Baby is the ultimate guide to preparing and feeding wholesome foods for your infant, with helpful nutritional tips, picky eating solutions, and with over 80 recipes. Once you discover how easy and affordable it is to make baby food at home, you’ll take comfort in knowing your child is receiving the best nutrition possible.”

Feeding Baby Book Signings & Events:

The Prizes:

1 Winner: Vitamix 5200 Blender $450.00


1 Winner: Babycook by Beaba $150.00


9 Winners: Feeding Baby Books $180.00

baby food cookbook

1 Winner: Fairhaven Health and The Naked Nursing Tank Bundle: $142.00

Milkies Milk-Saver
Milkies Freeze
Nipple Nurture Balm
Nursing Time Tea
DreamBelly Stretch Mark Butter

The Naked Nursing Tank


1 Winner: Infant Book Bundle $100.00

Feeding Baby by Clancy Cash Harrison

Dinnertime Survival Guide by Sally Kuzemchak

Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD
Sally Kuzemchak, MS, RD

Oh, Yes You Can Breastfeed Twins! by April Rudat

Getting to the Yum by Dr. Karen Le Billon

I will Breastfeed Anywhere by Jennifer Saleem

Milkies in the Morning by Jennifer Saleem


Scentsy Gift Card $100


NuRoo Baby Bundle: $85.00

NuRoo Swaddler

NuRoo Pocket Baby Wearing Shirt


1 Winner: Buttons Diapers Gift Set $58.00


1 Winner Kiddo Feedo Freezer Trays (2) $40.00

Kiddo Feedo Silicone Freezer Trays

Blueberry & Apple Baby Food and Fruit Leather


1 Winner: The Sili Company Bottle Bundle: $34.00

14 oz Sili Squeeze (spill proof)
16 oz Sili Squeeze with Ease Free-Flowing
Sili Funnel


1 Winner: Life Without Plastic Stainless Steel Set $33.00

3-Piece Stainless Steel Dish Set


1 Winner: Yoomi 8 oz Feeding System $33.00

240ml_bottle_warmer+pod_pack&products (2)(1)

1 Winner: Undercover Mama $25

Undercover Mama Nursing Shirt


1 Winner: FunBites Cutter $13.00

greenpink2_mediumThe Entry Form:

Photos from Feeding Baby by Clancy Cash Harrison, MS, RD, LDN.
Disclosure: I received a free copy of Feeding BabyThis post contains an affiliate link. If you purchase a product through this link, your cost will be the same but I will receive a small commission to help with operating costs of this blog. I only link to products I personally use and love. Thanks for your support!

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