The Reality of Cooking With Kids

The Realities of Cooking With Kids -- Real Mom Nutrition

When people find out I'm a dietitian and write a blog about feeding kids, it's only a matter of time before they ask: "Do your kids cook with you?" I cringe a little bit every time the question is asked. Because the answer isn't a rosy, filtered Instagram moment. The answer is no, not really. The truth is that neither one of my boys has expressed much interest in cooking. They enjoy helping me bake, but that's because they know I'll let them lick the spoon if they stick around long enough. ...

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My 2015 Summer Food Bucket List

My 2015 Summer Bucket List -- Real Mom Nutrition

This summer I want to… 1. Make lots of homemade ice pops with these Zoku molds. (I’m embarrassed to say that I own about six different kinds of ice pop molds but these are my favorites!) 2. Learn to cook a better steak. Take it off the grill sooner. Let it rest before serving. Convince husband that he…

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What To Do When Your Child Feels Deprived Of Junk Food

What To Do When Your Child Feels Deprived Of Junk Food -- Real Mom Nutrition

I got this question recently on my Real Mom Nutrition Facebook page from mom Kelli: I do my best to feed my family mostly clean. I try to have snacks only when needed, foods like nuts, popcorn, cheese, whole grain crackers, yogurt, fruits, veggies, and hummus. I let my kids eat junk food at parties and events where…

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My Post-40 Weight Gain Frustrations

My Post-40 Weight Frustrations -- Real Mom Nutrition

Lately I’ve been having the same conversation over and over again with my friends who, like me, are in their 40s. It goes something like this: “I’ve gained a little bit of weight this year and ohmygod no matter what I do I just. can’t. lose. it.” Dear reader, if you are in your 30s or…

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Farmers Market Etiquette: 8 Ways To Be A Good Customer

8 Insider Tips for Shopping At Farmers Markets

I’m lucky enough to live up the street from our community farmers market. As I watch the crowds swell each Saturday, I wonder: What are the biggest customer dos and don’ts from a farmer’s perspective? In other words, is there such a thing as farmers market etiquette? Turns out, there is! I asked Rachel Tayse Baillieul, the…

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Nutrition Advice That Drives Me Nuts

Nutrition Advice That Drives Me Nuts -- Real Mom Nutrition

The world is full of nutrition advice–dispensed by dietitians, doctors, personal trainers, bloggers, moms at the bus stop, complete strangers in line at Whole Foods. Some of it is good (eat more green leafy vegetables!). Some of it is bad (don’t eat bananas, they’re too high in sugar!). And some pieces of advice gets passed around so…

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Strawberry Watermelon Smoothie

Strawberry-Watermelon Agua Fresca -- Real Mom Nutrition

I first tasted watermelon juice in Mexico. There was a pitcher of it on the breakfast buffet every morning, and I must’ve guzzled a gallon of it by the end of my trip. When I returned home, I started tossing cubes of watermelon in the blender to recreate the magic. Sipping it on my patio in Ohio didn’t…

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When Parents Don’t Agree On How To Handle Picky Eating

When Parents Don't Agree On How to Handle Picky Eating

When you and your partner don’t agree on how to handle the everyday decisions and dilemmas about feeding your kids, especially when it comes to picky eating, it can make things tense and frustrating for everyone. It’s an issue I hear about almost every time I talk with a group of parents about feeding kids! So I asked…

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